Wedding Packages

The Experts at I Dove New York will make your event an Everlasting Memory, by Releasing Snow White Doves on your Special Day.
Our Dove Handlers will Position the Setup for the Most Appropriate Dramatic Effect. We’ll bring Smiles to Everyone.
Wedding Packages:

For Hundreds of years, the release of white doves at weddings has symbolized love, peace, joy, and the promise of new beginnings. As they rush from their baskets, the flurry of wing beats will excite the senses with feelings of joy and peace.
For Packages #1 thru #4:

The Dove Handler will deliver, to the location of your choice, the Doves. The Dove Handler will coordinate with your Photographer to obtain the Best Pictures of the Release. A Poem will be composed and provided to Prologue the Moment for you and all your guests.

#1 — Everlasting Love (2 Doves)

This is our most popular package: personal and classic. Two (2) Doves will be released from a Beautifully Adorned Basket and together they will circle and fly off together.

#2 — Celebration (12 Doves)

This package contains Two (2) Beautifully Adornded baskets: a Cozy two (2) Dove Basket and a Large Ten (10) Dove Basket. We recommend involving the Children in the opening of the Large Basket: capturing the Expressions on their faces makes for Great Pictures and memories.

#3 — Skyward (20 Doves)

This package is very exciting: it is like a fireworks display.

We will Create a Three (3) Basket Display for your Guests to view as they Arrive. The Baskets can be coordinated to match the Bridal Party, if desired. This Package allows for children as well as the Bridal Party to participate in the Release of the Doves.

#4 — The Michelangelo (Doves vary)

Be your own artist. Give us your Vision, and we will create a reality. Be as specific or as general as you wish. Give us a general motif and let us run with it, or give us specific details to be added to a package. Let us assist you in making a special memory.

#5 — Display Cage

White doves are staged in a lovely display cage in the Church or Funeral Home during the service. They often make a sweet cooing sound which will warm your heart and bring a sense of peace and comfort to you and your family.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your special day.