Our White Dove Releases Compliment your perfect Wedding!
We Serve New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with Stunning White Doves Released at that Special Moment for your Wedding Ceremony.

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Make a loving, lasting memory. Releasing doves out of your choice of baskets, carriers or cages. Our doves are trained from out of the nest for grace and beauty and are calm and comfortable in the baskets or cages.


Our doves are in excellent condition and always fly home to their loft in the country. I Dove New York can drop off the birds when and where you need them. We will supply written instructions to guide you in your self release.

Doves cannot be released in doors and no later than 3 hours before dusk.

Low Cost Self Release

We would be honored to have our doves at your memorial service. A dove release is a beautiful and uplifting way to raise the spirit and express your farewells to a Loved One.

For centuries, it has been believed that the Dove helps escort the Dearly Departed to Heaven.

A Gift of Doves in lieu of flowers, is a gift that will have a special meaning for the Family. It is a wonderful, affordable and memorable gift.

24 Hour Service for Funerals

Visitors Always Welcome
Call (845) 782-6815
PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer service the boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island.  We highly recommend one of these providers:

  • Love Doves – 917-921-2018
  • Kaila’s Love Doves – 732-6344471